Flights to the Dordogne

Airports Serving The Dordogne

There are effectively four airports which serve the Dordogne, namely, Bergerac, Bordeaux, Brive and Toulouse.


Bergerac is in the south of the Dordogne department itself, and is primarily served by low-cost airlines such as Ryanair and Flybe. Bergerac airport is just 45 minutes from our holiday cottage La Longere, and for the most part the drive is absolutely delightful, taking you through the Dordogne valley and alongside the river itself in a number of places. There are numerous connections to Bergerac from the UK, including from: Birmingham, Bristol, Edinburgh, Leeds, Liverpool, London-Stansted, Manchester, Nottingham and Southampton.


Although it is a good 2 hour drive from Bordeaux airport to our cottage at Saint-Vincent-De-Cosse, it is a very good option for a fly-drive holiday due to the vast number of connections from the UK. It is a big airport, and the number of airlines operating there reflect that. There are daily flights to Bordeaux from most major UK airports and there’s also a large array of car rental companies at Bordeaux airport, so plenty of scope for a good deal on car hire.


The airport at Brive refers to itself as “Brive Airport – Valley of the Dordogne”, no doubt in order to position itself as the de facto airport for visitors to that region. However the airport is actually located in the neighbouring department of Correze and, although it is only a 1 hour drive from Brive airport to our holiday cottage, the limited number of connections from the UK will rule it out for most would-be visitors. The only regular flights are from London Stansted, and even then there are only one or two flights per week.


Toulouse is an even bigger airport than Bordeaux, and is the only one of the 4 airports mentioned here that receives direct flights from London Heathrow. There’s a large number of flights to Toulouse every day of the week from all over the UK, so again it’s one of the best options for a fly-drive holiday. As you would expect there is a full range of car rental companies at Toulouse airport. It takes just over 2 hours to drive from Toulouse airport to our cottage in the south of the Dordogne.