Gite in Dordogne, France, with WiFi and 4G Connectivity

4G Gite in Dordogne FranceGood Wi-Fi is increasingly important to people when travelling abroad, even when they are relaxing on holiday. Not only do adults like to keep track of their emails, kids and teenagers like to keep up with what their friends are doing back home on social media. Fortunately, at La Longere, we have a number of options for guests who need reliable internet access.

Our 4G Network

We are lucky to have good 4G coverage at La Longere, with the strongest signal coming from Bouygues Telecom. On the day we tested it, the speed we achieved on the Bouygues 4G network was in excess of 30 Mbps, which actually is on a par with superfast broadband in the UK. It;s really quick – certainly by French standards!

UK-based mobile phone contracts tend to include a generous 4G data allowance and, increasingly, allow you to use that allowance whilst roaming abroad. If you are planning to use the 4G network at La Longere, please do check with your provider as to what data package you have, and what are the terms and conditions which apply whilst roaming abroad.

If you have a suitably equipped smartphone, you’ll also have the option to put it into “hotspot” mode, enabling your friends and family to share your superfast 4G connection. Please check with your phone provider if you are unsure about this.

Our 4G Router (Available from October 2018)

To take advantage of the strong 4G signal we have purchased a TP-Link 4G Router which we will install in October 2018. Because 4G data contracts do not normally come with an unlimited data allowance, our 4G router will be available for use on a Pay As You Go basis. This will involve either purchasing a 4G data sim locally (widely available in larger supermarkets), or “topping up” a 4G sim which has been provided by us. A third option, if you have a 4G data-only sim of your own (perhaps you have a mobile 4G Hotspot or MiFi device), is to bring it with you and to pop it in our 4G Router, topping up your allowance as required.

If you are planning on coming to our lovely gite and would like to take advantage of the 4G network, please do let us know in advance and we’ll discuss with you the best approach regarding data allowances. To be clear, no 4G data is included in our rental prices.

Standard Orange Wi-Fi/Broadband

As for most gites in France, Our standard internet provider is Orange and wi-fi connectivity is delivered via an Orange Livebox. Our standard broadband offering is perfectly adequate for day-to-day internet connectivity, e.g for email, keeping up with the news and sharing information on social media. As with most gites in France though, the Orange broadband is not super-fast, so it will not enable you to download HD movies or box-sets, or other bandwidth-intensive applications. The internet connection is generally reliable, and any issues can normally be resolved with a re-boot, but if you have a requirement for very fast internet connectivity, we recommend that you go with the 4G option.