La Longere is the perfect villa for a couple seeking a little extra space.


La Longere is the perfect place to get away from it all for couples (or even singles) seeking a little extra room. Although it sleeps up to 8 people, the cottage is actually extremely bijou and cosy, especially when the fire is roaring away in the off-season!


Couples often tell us that they’d love to be able to rent a fully equipped house in France but are usually put off by the high prices, which tend to be based on full occupancy. We know how they feel. Prior to purchasing La Longere we booked many a 3 or 4-bed villa in the south of France but had to pay a pretty penny for the privilege! So we are only too happy to make La Longere available to couples whenever possible. It certainly beats staying in a pokey hotel room!


Rather than have any empty weeks during the holiday season, we’d much rather that the house was being enjoyed by someone, even if it means offering a big discount, so we offer a discount to couples at all times of the year, subject to availability. We offer a 15% discount to couples at any time of year if they book direct with us (i.e. not through AirBnB or another online booking site). But depending on the season, if there’s late availability, we can often do better. For a last minute deal (i.e. a week or two before departure), we can sometimes offer as much as a 40% discount for couples.

Amazing views and large garden area, perfect for families and those wishing to find a secluded spot!
Elizabeth P
Guest at La Longere
Beautifully decorated and well presented, a traditional french house with the most perfect outdoor space.
Tim B
Guest at La Longere


If you are a couple keen on renting a cottage in the Dordogne, why not drop us a line and we'll see if we can't do you a cracking deal!

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